SOLID | Unscented Dish Soap
SOLID | Unscented Dish Soap
SOLID | Unscented Dish Soap

SOLID | Unscented Dish Soap

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Our solid dish soap bars are super cleansing and loaded with rich, sudsy lather. It's great at cutting through grease and grime and the added castor oil will give you some extra bubble power. 

Palm Oil Free + Vegan + Unscented

Each imperfect and rustic 4.5 oz. bar of dish soap is handmade + hand stamped. These arrive package-free. A bar of our solid dish soap should last a while, depending on household size and number of dishes washed. (for reference, in our household of 4, one bar usually lasts about 3-4 weeks)

How to Use: Wet your sponge (our soap works best with a sponge, cloth or soft bristle brush) then rub it on your solid dish soap bar to create suds. Repeat as needed for more luscious bubbles. Rinse well. You can also hold the soap under running water to create a sudsy basin of water.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide (lye), castor oil

To make your dish soap last longer, keep it in a well draining soap dish.

All our handcrafted soaps are made in small batches and minor variations may occur.