WHITE | Ceramic Soap Dish


Keep your soaps dry and your counters pretty.

What it does: Holds your soaps and brushes up off the counter and away from water. Helping your soaps last longer and prevent them from getting mushy. 

What's special about it:

  • Made locally by a ceramicist in Nebraska
  • Exclusive to Faded Plains
  • Helps to keep your soaps dry and longer lasting

Additional Info: 

  • Inside is a speckled white gloss glaze, and the outside is unglazed
  • Measures approximately 4 1/2"
  • Each is handmade, sizes may vary
  • Lead free + Dishwasher safe
  • Each sold separately 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Laurie Owens
Love this pottery soap dish!

This soap dish is perfect for the Faded Plains face soap! It makes the soap last so much longer! …besides it’s pretty and easy to clean! I think I need one for the kitchen sink too!

Susan MacEachern
The Perfect Soap Dish

I absolutely love my soap dish. It’s the perfect size to put by my kitchen sink and to use a block of dish soap in it. The nubbies in the bottom are great for keeping the soap from sitting in a pool of water and becoming soggy. The quality is great and I couldn’t be happier!

Karen Elmore
Rustic Touch

This is just what I was looking for (but didn't know it:) - it works wonderfully and works with square, oval, round soap - doesn't matter. It has just the right rustic touch and actually looks great in my bathroom. Well made too!

J. Dearborn
A soap dish for the kitchen.....

This was just a great find, trust me when I say I had been looking for just the right one for some time. I use block soap for washing dishes and it really must drain properly which this little dish accomplishes without the fanfare of a big one taking up space near the sink. It's beautifully made...I am so happy.

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