How To Set A Simple Table

How to set a simple, natural and easy table for the holidays

 Now, if you know me at all, you know that simple and natural is my jam! Here's 5 easy tips to help you feel confident in your table setting this holiday season.

  1. Cover your table with a neutral colored tablecloth. A tablecloth adds easy elegance to your setting, without being "too" fancy.
  2. Use simple white or neutral colored dishes and serving pieces. Handmade pottery makes for beautiful serving pieces as they add a homey, rustic feel to the table. 
  3. Decant beverages into plain glass bottles or carafes. Now, they suddenly become part of the décor.
  4. Use wood cutting boards to add some warmth and texture to your table.
  5. Make food your centerpiece. Use herbs like dill, or even feathery carrot tops as your "flowers". Placing them in small glass jars and scattering them around the table make for an easy, simple "centerpiece".
There you have it! 5 simple tips to make you feel like a table setting pro. Use these tips for any dinner party, no matter the occasion.