3 Fun Solo Date Ideas

Date night with your significant other or friends is great and all, but sometimes what started out as a great idea, can turn stressful. Trying to find a place to eat or a movie that everyone likes can be a headache.

That's where solo date night enters the picture. You get to make the call. You get to do what you want! Want to go to the farmer's market, go! Want to spend the day at the beach, do it! How fun and freeing does that sound!

So, if you're single, your friends are too busy, or you just need some me time, here's 3 simple (and inexpensive) ideas for a solo date night.

1. Take a warm bath

A hot bath (or shower) can warm your body and soul. Grab a drink, your favorite read, podcast or Spotify playlist, light some candles, grab your favorite bath or shower products and truly relax. You can find beautiful aromatherapy soaps and balms here.

white and neutral living room with texture slipcover sofa

2. Redecorate your room

Like staying home (hello fellow homebody)? Spend the day rearranging or redecorating your living space. Try a new wall color, buy some new throw pillows, rearrange your furniture, get some new towels, add some new wall art (you can even purchase art online and print right from home). Shop your house!


3. Make yourself a bouquet

Flowers have the power to freshen up a room and your mood. Hit up the grocery store or flower shop and choose flowers in your favorite colors. Arrange them in a cool vase or try using something unexpected like a vintage honey can, instant room and mood lift!

I hope these ideas help inspire you to take some time to do the things you enjoy doing. Who knows, you may make it a new weekly habit!